Sparking breakthroughs, one job hunt at a time.

I am Melissa Llarena, an employee-transition expert with 10-plus years of experience in career development. I have transitioned across 16 different business units throughout my career and have coached professionals since 1997.

My mission:

To inspire breakthroughs in how smart people think about their motivations and experiences to convince employers of their fullest potential.

My promise:

I lift the roadblocks that smart people face when trying to transition in their careers. From assessing career interests and skills, to using our own LinkedIn expertise to investigate your competition, to going the extra mile to use precisely the right words to explain your greatest accomplishments, I work to make sure that you are strategically using everything you’ve got to convince others that you can solve their problems.

Join the hundreds of professionals who have gotten better jobs, higher salaries or relocation assignments across different sectors, including financial services, marketing, real estate, pharmaceutical, retail, information technology, education, media and entertainment, law, government, international organizations, and airlines.

My Proof:

There is a reason why I have been interviewed by top publications, with my work being profiled in Fox Business News, American Express Open Forum, US News & World Report, Social Media Week, WSJ, TheLadders, and Technorati, among other pubs that have turned to me for career-transition insights.

It’s because I’ve helped hundreds reach the career goals that they deserve.

See how my coaching techniques have helped others like you:

  • In 40 days, I helped an aspiring banker secure a job offer that was 50% above her expectations, plus a work visa.
  • After 10 coaching sessions, I helped a client secure two jobs in his desired industry—the job he accepted offered 80K-plus more in a total compensation package.
  • While partnering closely with a former entrepreneur, I helped him increase his base salary by 75% while transitioning twice in fewer than two years.
  • It only took three sessions to help a retail professional land her long-term goal—a challenge during a tough economy, as most people choose to stay put—her dream job, in her dream location, and performing her dream managerial role.

Join the other highly accomplished professionals who have greatly exceeded their ROI from partnering with me throughout their career transitions.

Check out the case studies section of my site.

How do I do this?

  • I remove the blind spots that prevent you from compellingly voicing your successes
  • I lift the mental roadblocks that stop you from getting your ideal job
  • I assess your skills and compare them to your competition
  • I develop scripts to communicate your unique selling proposition
  • I share my system for conducting a job hunt, landing interviews, and effective networking
  • I give you the tools you’ll need to convince others that you can solve their problems

What happens before and after our meetings:

  • You always second-guess yourself –> You will act with a plan
  • The job hunt feels overwhelming –> You will know exactly where to start
  • You feel you have accomplished nothing –>You will hear back from decision makers
  • The job hunt feels never ending  –>You’ll have a 90-day timeline

My clients come to me when:

  • They have held a job for about two years after graduating from top 50 MBA programs
  • They want to increase their salary twofold
  • They want to start or keep working for Fortune 500 companies
  • They thrive in teams, but want to refine their leadership skills beyond those teams
  • They have managerial experiences, yet they want new opportunities to leverage them
  • They know what they want out of their careers, but need help transitioning
  • They want to maintain their comfortable lifestyle, but are weary of changing jobs


If after reading through this page, you feel my coaching services might be a fit for you, I’d love to arrange a time to talk. You can reach me by email using the contact info below:

Email: Melissa [at] MelissaLlarena [dot] com