[DARE #8] Get Unstuck – Network WITH Purpose


It takes guts to google yourself for fear of what’s out there. Last Sunday, I asked you to do just that for a few reasons:

As I mentioned in last week’s challenge, prospective employers are googling you and truthfully so are prospective partners (including romantic and platonic). Continue reading

The Weakness Question — 20 Ways Interviewers Will Ask About Your Flaws

It’s the question that everyone dreads — “What’s Your Greatest Weakness?” But what if the interviewer never mentions the word, “weakness?” There are numerous methods an interviewer can and will use to discover your professional shortcomings.

Whatever form it takes, you want to be ready to recognize and answer the question in a way that eases the interviewer’s concerns and positions you as the ideal candidate for the role. Continue reading

[DARE #4] Get Unstuck – Start a LinkedIn Conversation

sunday dare4

Last week I asked you to “ask for more.”

The rationale behind that dare was three-fold, to get you to:

  1. Think through what you might need more of to live a more manageable life
  2. Identify who holds the power in giving you this need
  3. Persuade that decision-maker in a way that focuses on their needs

Continue reading

Can Blogging Help You Build Your Career? 5 Questions to Consider


Ten years ago, the blogosphere seemed like a place for those looking to write about an interest outside of their jobs. Today, there are thousands of blogs covering a wide variety of topics, from recreational to career-focused. The spectrum of content is vast and ever-growing.

So, why blog? Continue reading

[DARE #3] Get Unstuck – Ask for More

sunday dare3final

How did last week go? Did you complete Dare #2? Or did you try your own dare?

I spent last week asking folks about my newsletters and blogs. The 4 things that I learned where:

  1. You get a crapload of emails so career guidance from different sources blends together
  2. You want to receive relevant content that includes stories that align with your experiences Continue reading