Interview Tips: When to Share Personal Information to Land a Job

It’s NOT always inappropriate to discuss your personal life during a professional conversation — including during a formal interview, informational interview, or while networking.

However, so few interviewees or job seekers bring their personal experiences into the mix for fear of coming across as unprofessional — and as a result so many miss the ultimate opportunity to be memorable, seal the deal, and land a new job.

Watch to learn when it is perfectly appropriate to share your personal experiences as well as when it’s critical to enhancing your candidacy.

Hint: If you are switching careers then your motivation behind this switch is one instance when bringing in personal experiences makes sense and offers a much needed explanation for your switch.

FYI: Aside from strategically including personal information during an interview the same guidance in this video can be applied to your cover letter. Check out for a highly effective cover letter template!

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