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Job Leads Concierge

USD $499.00

With the Job Leads Concierge Program, you’ll receive real networking contacts (e.g. local recruiters, potential direct managers, prospective team members, cross-functional partners within your target firm, talent acquisition professionals, etc.) that have been carefully curated by Career Outcomes Matters founder Melissa Llarena to help you extend your reach within a sector and identify influencers who can share your resume within their company. You will also receive her tailored ideas and networking strategies on how to reach out to every single one of your batch of contacts so that you gain traction + get more done this summer while your competition procrastinates his job searching efforts.


Rev up your job hunt.

Avoid dead end job searches.

Know whom to call next.

Reignite your already exhausted network.

Be certain on how to expand your connections.

Are you spending more time than you’d like researching recruiters/hiring managers/contacts with whom to network rather than actually going on those informational interviews?

Did you know that the toughest part of a job hunt for many clients is figuring out who are the right contacts for them to approach each week.

It takes time to prioritize the best people to approach.

It takes creativity to think about how to start conversations.

It takes insight to figure out who is willing to help versus who will ignore your requests.

It also takes discipline to pursue, organize a chat/meeting, and follow up throughout a long job hunt.

Sure, you can spend your time finding the right recruiters, hiring managers, influencers, champions, or strategic partners on your own but what if you didn’t have to?

What if I sent you a list of your best 10 contacts to include in your job hunt search next week so that you could focus on the bigger picture of marketing yourself? Of selling yourself? Of having those coffee conversations?

It’s time to fill your pipelines with new leads for only $198.


Upon payment, you will receive a simple questionnaire to guide my search.

Once you complete and return this questionnaire, within two business days, you will receive a zip file with the following resources:

1)The 10 LinkedIn Profiles of Your Best Contacts

This list can include:

-Local recruiters within your target companies
-Your potential direct manager
-Prospective team members
-Cross-functional partners within your target firm
-Talent acquisition professionals within your target sector

Or, contacts in your network that you simply never thought of contacting but who can help you land your next role

2) Tailored Insights on How to Open Communication Lines With Every Single One of Your 10 Contacts

My guidance will provide specifics on how to approach every single one of your contacts based on their interests, digital footprint, or career history, or your shared experiences.

3) 15 Email Scripts – Ranging from How to Ask for an Initial Meeting to How to Ask Someone to Hand-deliver Your Résumé and More

You can use this eBook of networking scripts to email your list of 10 contacts. I mean, why reinvent the wheel…if you don’t have to….just find the best email given your desired outcome.

4) And, as a bonus you will receive a set of the top 12 networking questions you should ask once you connect with your job leads so that you optimize on your coffee chats or networking activities.

In other words, not only do you get a set of 10 carefully curated leads but also you receive the strategies and tools you need in order to open communication lines and learn more about your dream job.

As context, I helped a client who exhausted his network in the education field. I sourced a contact at a major publication that he hadn’t considered before on a Friday. That Monday, he had an informational conversation with that Talent Acquisition Leader in his area of expertise who was actively sourcing talent near his hometown.

My guarantee is that I will carefully curate every contact list based on your criteria and timeline. Here is another case study so that you can see the lengths that I go to in order to personally find your high value prospective contacts.

Let’s start optimizing your efforts so that next week you have a list of 10 people that you absolutely should include in your job hunt!

Tiny print: You’ll get each profile in a PDF format so that your LinkedIn account access level has zero impact on what you are able to see regarding each contact.

Terms and conditions: The founder of Career Outcomes Matter LLC, Melissa Llarena stands by the services and products sold on this site. All sales are considered final and non-refundable. Career Outcomes Matter LLC authorizes you to view or download a single copy of the MATERIALS that you purchase solely for your personal, noncommercial use. Licenses are available – please email to inquire about licenses.


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