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The Winning Candidate’s Interview-Preparation Jetpack

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Introducing an exclusive bundle offer:

The Winning Candidate’s Interview-Preparation Jetpack

This is your opportunity to grab the two interview-preparation tools that have helped top-tier executives like yourself not only evaluate whether their individual interview answers were good enough to beat the competition, but also bring into the interview room their 90-day vision—which is what the most successful executives are bringing in during their own interviews.

Interview Preparation Tool 1 – The Interview-Strategy Playbook for Corporate Olympians – Your eBook will include the 27 questions that are blindsiding most top tier business executives who are interviewing for the top Fortune 500 roles across sectors. You will see which questions: 1) should have you treading lightly, 2) are so specific that they are meant to corner you, 3) are so broad that they can easily lead you along the wrong path, 4) the ones that are underestimated most often by the otherwise savviest decision-makers, 5) the ones that most job candidates react to in the most dull and inspiring ways thus boring interviewers.

Retails for $34.99 when sold separately

Interview Preparation Tool 2 – The 90-Day Plan Blueprint

A proven and easy-to-use toolkit that includes the strategy, three editable templates, and the 10 secret ingredients you’ll need to effectively map out your first 90 days on the job…so that you’ll actually land a job.

Retails for 24.99 when sold separately

Product Description

Introducing an exclusive bundle offer:

The Interview-Strategy Playbook for Corporate Olympians + 90-Day Blueprint, now for $49.99…


  • Are you a high-performer who wants to use the exclusive tools that have helped executives land six-figure jobs?
  • Are you tired of Googling for interview answers that are meant to prepare junior employees?
  • Are you ready to stand out during your next job interview with a clear 90-day plan to prove you are the best job candidate?
  • Are you interested in seeing how other top executives have responded to the 27 job-interview questions that you most dread?
  • Would you like to be ready to answer questions about your career history and be ready to lay out how you’d like to carefully map out your future with an employer?

This is your opportunity to grab the two interview-preparation tools that have helped top-tier executives like yourself not only evaluate whether their individual interview answers were good enough to beat the competition, but also bring into the interview room their 90-day vision—which is what the most successful executives are bringing in during their own interviews.

Client Use: Case One

Mark* wanted to transition from an information company into the energy sector. Half of the battle was showcasing how, though he hadn’t created an overarching vision for a company, he was capable of not only gaining a deep understanding of this new sector, but also of setting the vision for its place within the ever-evolving energy space.

As a former McKinsey consultant, he was ready to analyze the company’s situation and map out precisely how he would quickly push the company forward in the CSO role. Through our partnership—and while using various tools together, including the Problem SWOTer and the 90-day plan—he was offered the chance to serve as this energy firm’s strategic leader. The hiring managers, including the board of directors, wanted to feel confident that Mark had a plan in place for his first days in the role. This made sense, given that he was new to the industry and was taking career leaps on multiple accounts: a new continent, new industry, and new scope of responsibilities

Client Use: Case Two

Constance* was on an extended maternity leave when she had to interview for a promotion with her current employer. She was competing for this promotion with the person who was serving as her interim, and she needed a confidence boost. She was looking for support in shifting gears from full-time parent during that year-long leave to viable contender for a CFO spot at a multinational Fortune 500 firm. We started with the interview playbook as a base from which to quickly scale up her preparation efforts, focusing on the 27 questions that would quickly help remind her of her biggest wins. We then partnered one-on-one and hyper-focused on how she, despite being out of the market for one year, was exceptionally well-positioned to lead the company during a tumultuous economic cycle locally. She began with the playbook to map out her best successes and addressed the obvious points that matter during job interviews. Then, during our mock interview, she focused on the harder-hitting points that made her the best-suited CFO for the company, especially in light of its current challenges. Constance felt prepared and like herself again after our interview preparation because we spotlighted the toughest concerns her employer might have about her candidacy. The key lay in Constance having practiced. She also felt ready for this step up in her career, with our interview work (including the playbook) playing a crucial role in the process.

(Names in * have been changed.)

I use the interview-strategy playbook as a primer and a stepping stone from which to interview prep my clients. This helps my best clients, who tend to not interview much, recall the most relevant professional war stories to share during job interviews. I also introduce the notion of a 90-day plan into the interview-preparation process because I know it works to help my clients stand out in a sea of sameness. This is especially true when they are trying to make career leaps.

So I ask you…

Why rely on Google for the answers that everyone else is using during interviews when a lucrative job offer is at risk? Why not take advantage of this powerful dual offer and grab your playbook today? This will include step-by-step guidance to help you tailor your own effective interview responses.

Why feel overwhelmed with the conflicting information that is rampant across job-interview articles when you can focus on one tool to help you position your experiences in a way that will resonate with hiring managers?

Why go into an interview only half prepared to convince a hiring manager that you can do the job based on your past performances? Instead, you can tip the odds in your favor by bringing a well-thought-out plan, which you’ll use to walk them through how you will change their organization via a 90-day runway.

Feeling nervous about proving you can do a job you’ve never done before? Why not give a future employer a taste of what it will be like to work with you by showing them precisely how you plan to overcome that learning curve?

Your best accomplishments are ahead of you, so why not use a 90-day plan to help forecast your future wins?

Your chance to shop the The Winning Candidate’s Interview-Preparation Jetpack for $49.99 (Interview-Strategy Playbook for Corporate Olympians and the 90-Day Blueprint) is now.

I encourage you to introduce these two powerhouse interview-preparation tools into your process so that you turn your interview luck around quickly before the year ends. Don’t spend another year using the same strategies if they have not been working for you.

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