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Plan your getaway this summer

Oh, the Dog Days of Summer: Plan Your Getaway This Summer

August 1, 2016 The Job Hunt 0

This class if full. The deadline has passed. Would you like to go in the space of four weeks from blank pages to a job...

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How to Land an Interview: Add Online Comments

June 30, 2015 The Job Hunt 2

Chances are your prospective employer leverages the power of content marketing to draw in its audience. A plethora of companies have a blog on...

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How to Land Interviews: Tweet a CEO

June 15, 2015 The Job Hunt 2

You can leverage the power of social media to grab the attention of a number of decision-makers who work for some of the most powerful...

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Go from Great to the Ideal Job Candidate

April 28, 2015 The Job Hunt 0

It’s the one question every job hunter wants answered: How do I make myself stand out from all the other applicants? How can I outsmart...

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Can Blogging Help You Build Your Career? 5 Questions to Consider

October 14, 2014 Changing Careers, The Job Hunt 0

Ten years ago, the blogosphere seemed like a place for those looking to write about an interest outside of their jobs. Today, there are thousands...

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The Most Strategic Job Hunt Tip Ever [Radio Interview]

July 9, 2014 The Job Hunt 0

Competitive intelligence is the act of gathering information from competitors, then analyzing that information to reach a conclusion. Host Cady Chesney and Melissa Llarena are...

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Should I Put That On My Resume?

April 23, 2014 The Job Hunt 3

Writing a great resume is hard. To condense your background and accomplishments into 1-2 pages and have it stand out amongst hundreds of resumes is...

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Sample Resume Summary Statement (s)

April 23, 2014 The Job Hunt 0

SUMMARY 1 X-plus years in business-development career includes: · Selling online solutions for X-plus years in start-ups to selling offline offerings in conglomerates · Turning...

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Little Known Ways to Approach HR Recruiters

January 8, 2014 The Job Hunt 0

After entering keywords on LinkedIn, examining first and second-degree connections and browsing through countless profiles, you finally found the internal HR professional responsible for filling...

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Take your Job Search Offline

November 30, 2013 The Job Hunt 0

You must start interacting with people if you want to land a new job.  Sitting behind your computer, sending out resumes, and emails is not...

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How to Build a Resume for the Digital Age

November 21, 2013 The Job Hunt 0

Keep yourself ahead of the curve by building an online resume that will produce results during the job hunt.

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4 Differences Between Leading And Managing Your Job Hunt

November 4, 2013 The Job Hunt 0

Are you a leader or a manager? Around this time last year, I was interviewed by Business Insider, and there I laid out the difference...

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Landing a Job in a Changing Economy

November 3, 2013 The Job Hunt 0

Today, if you want to advance in your career, you must create your own opportunities. See how to create such opportunities for yourself in our...

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How to Find a Job: The Art of Fitting In and Standing Out

September 17, 2013 The Job Hunt 0

How to Find a Job: The Art of Fitting In and Standing Out by guest blogger, Orlee Berlove If you are like most people looking...

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Top 10 Signs Compelling Savvy Professionals to Start the Job Hunt

August 30, 2013 The Job Hunt 2

Who wants to launch into a job search? No one—it’s not fun! And yet, this can sometimes be the better alternative, especially for savvy professionals...

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Using Competitive Intelligence (CI) to Land a Job, as Told by a Former Insider within the CI Unit for a Fortune 500 Firm

August 12, 2013 The Job Hunt 2

Competitive intelligence spend is increasing among organizations on the rise. It’s proven to gain an edge on competitors, but it is not just for Fortune...

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Job Hunter Tips: Accelerating Hiring Timelines

January 8, 2013 The Job Hunt 0

As a career coach to career changers, I’ve noticed that often when it rains it pours during a job hunt. For instance, you may be...

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The Mommy Shift: A Reentry Strategy (Brief Edition)

October 26, 2012 The Job Hunt 3

As a working mom myself,  most of my personal relationships with other moms are now virtual. Yet, even though my mommy conversations consist of chats...

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48 Hours After a Job Rejection

August 30, 2012 The Job Hunt 2

The 48 hours after a job rejection are critical. They sting even when you really did not want the job. You spent a great deal...

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Stop Depreciating in Value

July 6, 2012 The Job Hunt 0

Job hunters are like houses waiting to be sold; the longer they are on the market, the harder it is to sell them. In the...

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