How to Beat Your Fellow Engineers to the Best Jobs

How to Beat Your Fellow Engineers to the Best Jobs

December 21, 2016 Interviewing

I’ve noticed 10 underlying assumptions (through my work with candidates looking at VC-backed startups, Medtronic, Bloomberg i.e. technology-driven companies) that interviewers make about engineering job candidates.

When you’ve spent a majority of your career in an engineering role, the good assumptions are:

• You are analytical.

• You enjoy making things.

• You are realistic.

• You are an effective problem-solver.

• You evaluate alternatives methodologically.

Alternatively, the not-so-good assumptions are:

• You are not a strong verbal communicator.

• You struggle operating in gray areas.

• You only think the technical interview questions matter (side note, prep for at least these 27 behavioral interview questions).

• You lack interests beyond technology.

• You rather be an independent contributor rather than work as part of a team.

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Did I miss any engineering assumptions?

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