How to Beat Your Fellow Human Resources Professionals to the Best Jobs

How to Beat Your Fellow Human Resources Professionals to the Best Jobs

January 3, 2017 Interviewing

I’ve noticed 10 underlying assumptions (through my work with human resources executives who transitioned sectors including to digital shops, top-five consulting firms, and financial services multinationals i.e. services companies) that interviewers make about human resources job candidates.

When you’ve spent a majority of your career in human resources, the good assumptions are:

• You have strong interpersonal skills.

• You are an effective trainer / teacher.

• You know how to play by the rules.

• You are a strategic negotiator.

• You are a planner.

Alternatively, the not-so-good assumptions are:

• Your job is to serve as a roadblock.

• You create unnecessary bureaucratic policies and procedures.

• You are a cost center. You couldn’t convincingly tie your talent-related efforts to sales data if you tried.

• Your core competency is dealing with the touchy-feely non-essential psychological stuff.

• You are naive about what it takes to manage a “real” P&L.

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