[DARE #5] Get Unstuck – Be introspective

[DARE #5] Get Unstuck – Be introspective

October 26, 2014 Work-Life Balance

dare5I have to confess that I did not complete my OWN dare last week?

What was the dare? To initiate a thoughtful or provoking conversation within one LinkedIn Group.

I’m not ashamed. There is no regret.

I am actually happy that I decided not to participate.



Last week, I opted to put my family first.

I cared for my little boys who all have head colds.

I gave a family member temporary shelter to help her out of a bad home situation.

I managed to survive a week with spotty childcare.

So on that note, here is this week’s dare.

Dare #5: Reflect on why.


We all should reflect on why we are working so damn hard every now and again.

Here are some questions to think through:

  1. When will it stop – the madness? Must every generation sacrifice itself so that the future generation is in a better position? Are you finally enjoying life or are you hoping that your kids will get to?
  2. What are you most grateful for? Are you showing this [insert noun] your appreciation on a regular basis? What if today was the last time that you could enjoy or honor this [insert same noun as above]?
  3. What’s success worth to you and what are you willing to trade in order to be successful? What are you not willing to exchange for success? Have your actions aligned with your responses above?
  4. Is there something that you’ve been waiting to do until the perfect time? Are you waiting until the stars align? What if I told you that there is no such thing as the “perfect” time?
  5. Why are you killing yourself to make your boss look so good? Are you getting something big enough or as valuable as the magnitude of your effort? Is it worth it?

Just some “light” questions to consider before the launch of this week.  No need to break out a journal. Instead, be honest with yourself.

The point of this exercise is to encourage you to reconsider your actions if they do not align with your personal values. Truthfully, I’ve asked myself all five questions at some point in my career.

Reflectfully yours,




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