[DARE #6] Get Unstuck – Learn Something New for Free

[DARE #6] Get Unstuck – Learn Something New for Free

November 2, 2014 Work-Life Balance



It’s been five Sundays since the launch of the Sunday challenges. Throughout our time together you have been dared to:



  1. write a professional note to an industry leader so that you can practice connecting with influencers in your career
  2. speak with your end users so that you can uncover the impact of your work and garner more meaning in your daily activities
  3. ask for more to help you understand what you need to better manage your life or work – they are intertwined
  4. spark a conversation in a LinkedIn group as a first step towards shifting your mindset from a consumer of ideas to a thought leader
  5. be introspective to get back to “why” you are working so hard and ultimately to rethink the way your actions align with these priorities

And here is Dare #6: Learn something new

  • Identify a gap in your experiences
  • Find a course to help you fill that gap
  • Enroll and relish in the learning experience

To get you started here are a few learning solutions that range from free to premium:

Stay tuned.

I’m such a nerd — so this dare is ultra exciting!

Happy Sunday,



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