Corporate Engagements

Career Outcomes Matter is a firm headquartered in New York City consulting for talent management and coaching for careers.


  • Reducing employee turnover is important to you.
  • You understand that driving employee motivation yields higher engagement.
  • Achieving engagement requires that you know what top talent really wants.
  • You understand how time consuming it is to hire and assimilate new talent.


  • Our ongoing one-on-one conversations with Fortune 500 executives across various sectors makes us unique partners for firms.
  • Top executives share what they want from employers today confidentially with us.
  • These daily, candid conversations around core values and professional aspirations serve as the springboard for our custom employee solutions.
  • Our solutions uncover what your A-players want, which is to give your firm a competitive upper hand.


Contact us: Melissa [at] to discuss whether our services are right for your organization and how we can meet your needs.

During an initial consultation we’ll discuss:

  • Assessment of your needs.
  • Desired timeframe for deliverables.
  • Discussion of our process and the actionable results you can expect.

Contact us today if you are committed to improving your employees’ lives.

Our portfolio of corporate solutions includes:


Recruitment Strategies

It costs companies a lot of money to search, hire and train new employees, so you want to make sure you hire the right person the first time. One way to help ensure success when you’re scouting for talent is to look for applicants who have leadership qualities, even if you’re filling a non-leadership role.

Do you know if someone has the leadership qualities necessary to drive results in your firm?

Alternatively, do you have a consistent framework throughout your organization to identify these qualities?

We can help you tackle these questions. We’ve worked with accounting, sales and marketing, and finance professionals who have risen through their ranks in abbreviated timeframes.

Career Outcomes Matter has been called upon to help firms find potential leaders among the masses of job candidates. We can help you figure out how to draw in and consistently identify employees with leadership qualities to get the biggest return on your personnel investment. Learn more here: How to Identify Leaders During the Job Hunt.

Acclimation Programs

One-to-two-day onboarding programs primarily focused on educating new staff members about legal and policy-related rules don’t work. New employees are left ill prepared  for their first 90 days when it comes to deeply understanding their jobs, uncovering vital team relationships, or even indoctrinating themselves into their new company’s culture. Thus, firms are losing talent—HR studies show that a great amount of staff turnover (possibly as high as 20%) can happen within the first 45 days of employment.

Does fulfilling your firm’s goals rely on setting up new employees for more immediate success?

Have you been asked to think through an effective onboarding program on a shoestring budget?

Career Outcomes Matter can optimize your organization’s onboarding efforts given our niche expertise around employee transitions. We bring 10-plus years of firsthand experience in guiding people leaders as well as independent contributors from their first day to their last day at work.

We can help you devise the optimal onboarding program based on your business needs and culture. We’ll provide the trends and insights we’ve garnered based on our work with executives who’ve based their quit-or-stay decisions on their first 90 days. Learn more here: How Not to Lose Your Employees in Their First 45 Days.


Training Curriculum Design

Our time-pressed coaching clients have told us that company training programs can be more effective if they saw a way to put into action what they learned the moment they returned to their desks. The key is for the trainer to bring a deeper understanding of their firm’s culture from jargon to performance evaluation philosophies. The rarity of this approach is what makes them hesitant to attend any form of voluntary training sessions. As a result, employees are not well-suited to thrive through company reorganizations, and they are at risk of being displaced because their skills were not refined. It then becomes harder to find new fits in light of new organizational priorities.

Is an impeding talent shortage making existing talent development a greater priority within your organization?

Are there specific employee groups who could use laser-focused professional development training solutions?

We offer a myriad of sessions focused on driving immediate results in any organization. Our programs and solutions are highly customizable and scalable. Career Outcomes Matter has delivered training for Bloomberg LP, Harvard, LGBT Center in NYC and many others. Topics can include “How to Retain Employees: Insights from 100 Job Seekers”; “Making Work Meaningful: Personalizing Business”; “Solving the Plight of Women in STEM Fields”; “Digitizing Your Thought Leadership”; or “The Mommy Shift: A Reentry Strategy for Working Moms.” To hire Career Outcomes Matter CEO Melissa Llarena to speak or moderate your next live or digital event, email her at

Employee Recognition Programs

It takes more today for an employee to feel recognized than in the past. Employees also have different notions of what it is to be properly recognized. Up to 95% of our career-consulting clients focus on public testimonials from former bosses, while only 5% refer to internal awards. Your most desirable employees no longer think these award programs are worthwhile because they are only coveted in-house. Today, employees are calling for broader recognition programs that extend across industries.

Are your recognition programs not motivating top players any longer?

Is your competition gaining wide recognition (publicity, company-recognition awards) for its employee-based awards programs?

What matters to our clients who are precisely your target hiring audience (knowledge workers with pristine backgrounds) is your ability and dedication to helping them elevate their leadership potential even outside their industries. This is what it takes to build brand ambassadors.  As such, our approach is centered on leveraging the core skills your marketing departments use toward building customer loyalty to drive employee loyalty. Read our whitepaper: How to Avoid Being Dumped by Your Best Employees by Melissa Llarena.


Outplacement Services

Getting a pink slip is devastating. The most common challenge displaced employees face is getting over the guilt that it was their fault. Many times, this shame is what prevents displaced employees from getting out there to hunt for jobs. Instead, many are prolonging their reemployment process, which ultimately costs companies money. The longer it takes for your former employees to regain employment, the higher your state contributions will become. The halo effect of this employment stagnation is also seeping in-house via your current employees. Their trust can be jeopardized, depending on how you execute and support company reductions. The ultimate way to express that you valued your employees’ contributions and dedication to your organization is by hiring a proven firm that can help them get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Is unemployment insurance rising year after year?

Are your current employees demotivated following a round of layoffs?

Career Outcomes Matter provides the confidential and momentum-boosting support employees desire. We apply a no-stone-unturned method that includes hand-holding VIP support, from helping displaced employees refine their offline and online presence to guiding them on how to explain their layoff in an interview. Read more here: Now You Can Explain Why You Got Laid Off Without Sabotaging Your Next Interview.

Exit Interviewing

It’s critical to understand why employees voluntarily leave. Many firms opt for exit-interview data to devise their hypotheses. Yet, most employees are unwilling to provide candid feedback when presented with an internal exit interview because they don’t want to burn any bridges. As a result, it’s critical to choose a third party who can garner the trust of your former employees to elicit at times sensitive information, capture trends via quantitative as well as qualitative methods to inform recommendations, and with a  proficiency in social media to fill in gaps or inform hypotheses not captured in exit interviews.

Is your employee turnover too high in a particular business unit?

Are you not capturing best practices from the business units or people leaders who have the teams with the longest tenures in your organization?

Learn more about how Career Outcomes Matter can help you understand the organizational improvements necessary to not only retain but further engage employees. If you are losing employees, hire Career Outcomes Matter to conduct exit interviews on your organization’s behalf. Read our thought-leadership piece to learn about a few unconventional best practices that can improve employee turnover rates: Micromanaging_The Secret to Getting Employees to Love You More by Melissa Llarena

If you have any questions, please email us: Melissa [at]