Fashion Career Change Tips: How to Dress for Jobs in Creative Fields

Fashion Career Change Tips: How to Dress for Jobs in Creative Fields

November 19, 2012 Changing Careers

Fashion Career Change Tips How to Dress for Jobs in Creative FieldsSince I launched my Gen X career coaching firm, I have found that more than 97.9% of my clients (i.e. practically everyone) wants to transition from working in traditional careers where black suits are the norm to more “creative” jobs where bright colors and witty t-shirts rule. Yes, it’s been wild that no one has said, Melissa – I really want to go from being a video gamer to an attorney. Does this surprise you? Not me!

Watch my interview with Mercedes Sanchez – the Beauty Expert from the Trend Trio from Have You Tried This Yet? P&G Program. A firsthand career changer herself from politics to fashion/beauty, she tells us the dos and don’ts around making a wardrobe transition.

Hear how Mercedes changed her own wardrobe when she went from politics to fashion and beauty, see how lipstick & 6-inch stilettos can take you from a conservative work environment to a networking event within a more creative field and learn about the #1 fashion blunder guys make when it comes to their professional wardrobe choices.

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