Hidden job market, anyone? [Facebook LIVE Episode #20: Round One Interview w/HR]

Hidden job market, anyone? [Facebook LIVE Episode #20: Round One Interview w/HR]

July 25, 2017 Interviewing

A seasoned recruiter recently shared the following tidbit:

Did you know that when you go on a round one interview with HR that you can express your broader interests – beyond that single job that you applied for? Were you aware of this? If you are trying to uncover the hidden job market then this is your chance.

If you are on the phone with HR – they took enough interest in you to call you and get to know you.  Use that time on the phone to get a better understanding of the full landscape of opportunities within a company. Once you have a sense for your possibilities in that company then the only way to successfully peg yourself as a GREAT candidate for the best available roles is to treat your round one talks with HR more seriously by going into that round one conversation already being able to prove that you can solve bigger challenges in the first place.

Teri, a long-time client of mine, broke into the medical devices industry by initially going for a more junior role than her level of experiences would have warranted. She prepared not only for this role but for the possibility that she could be considered for others. Some might say Teri over prepared for that first talk yet her “do what it takes” attitude opened the door for her eventual hire into a more senior role.  

In this episode, you will uncover how to carefully poke around in your conversation with HR to uncover whether you might be a viable candidate for a more experienced role than you had originally applied for. The key is dressing for the role you really want and behaving in that capacity as early in the recruitment process as possible.


You want the job and have an opportunity to position yourself with HR and I’m on a mission to show you how.

Do you need help with figuring out how to lead your next conversation with HR so that you are going after what you want instead of securing what you can?

Grab instantly my worksheet to begin your round one strategy on paper.

Next Week: You’re just not the right fit – – who else hates hearing this?

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