How to beat a company “lifer” [Facebook LIVE Episode #26: Round One Interview w/HR]

How to beat a company “lifer” [Facebook LIVE Episode #26: Round One Interview w/HR]

September 11, 2017 Interviewing


It’s easy for a “lifer” who has been with a company for a while to forget that they are valuable. They do things out of habit at this point. This fact is something that HR does not forget. A “lifer” can write all the manuals in the world and still be hard to replace – at least immediately. A “lifer” has institutional knowledge that’s hard to document.

This fact makes it compelling for HR to try to keep a “lifer” which sucks if you are trying to break into a new company.

So, how can you convince HR that you are more valuable than a “lifer” if you are from another company?

Meet Troy. He has worked in a magazine publishing company for 10 years. His anniversary was recent. His role is being the intermediary between IT and business leads. In his world, business requirements are lofty. Meanwhile, IT realities are constraining. He loves processes. He assumes he is replaceable. His HR representative thinks otherwise.

HR invited him to apply for a Director-level project management role. HR knows it’d be hard to bring someone in from the outside to bridge those relationships from scratch. Troy has a solid history with folks. They’ll always have that three-year Oracle implementation. HR wants him to win and so Troy is the guy to beat.

In this episode, watch to discover how you can compete against an internal job candidate. You need to build this skill when the odds of getting HR to go to bat for you feel low.


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