Improve your interview success rate by imagining this…

Improve your interview success rate by imagining this…

August 16, 2016 Interviewing

Imagine being an interviewer who is rushing her way to meet with a job candidate who is well-positioned for a role on your team.

This is your fourth interview with someone who claims to be the best person for the job. The last three interviews lacked luster; you are willing to wait for the right person and you’ll know when you find that person. It’ll feel and sound right.

Chances are you are going into that interview room with a number of things on your mind.

  • You might have a few fires to put out.
  • You might have a boss who wants to hear your ideas for how best to create a unifying team vision later that day.
  • You might have just learned that your market share is plateauing – and you have to do something about it because you won’t make your numbers if you don’t.

It really doesn’t matter precisely what is on your mind but one thing is certain.

You have more on your mind than getting to know an interviewee.

Most interviewers I’ve strategically partnered with are kept up at night by big hairy problems and feel strangled during the day by small but many daily glitches.

Interviewers see job candidates as a means to an end.

Interviewers wonder, “who can solve my problems?”.

As someone who prepares high-performers for job interviews, I WISH more job candidates acted on this insight.

I wish job candidates got to the bottom of what might be on the minds of interviewers.

I wish job candidates then knew how to pitch themselves in a way that was relevant to what is indeed on the minds of interviewers.

You’ll be way ahead of the game if you do because too few job candidates are putting in the work necessary to find this information, prioritize this information, and then figure out which of their experiences would get through to an interviewer with a lot on her mind.

Imagine you are the interviewer one more time.

Can you imagine what it would feel like if you heard a job candidate directly address how he could solve one of your hairiest problems?

Wouldn’t that be refreshing?

Wouldn’t that be memorable?

Most of my clients have hired employees in the past.

If this is you then think back to when you last interviewed a job candidate, would you have been delighted to have a rich business conversation with a job candidate who could solve your immediate problems?

How about one who at least knew what some of your real challenges might be? Let’s start imagining…

About the author

Melissa Llarena: is the CEO and career coach behind Career Outcomes Matter. Her craft is coaching top executives on how to dissect and deliver the perfect job interview. Her client base includes US-based as well as international business leaders with 15-plus years of experience who are undeniably really good at what they do yet simply want a strategic partner who can quickly fully understand their tangible and intangible contributions to effectively scale up their interviewing skills for the toughest interviews. Click to gain instant access to her 20-page interview preparation kit to gain an edge then schedule a phone call to see how she’d leverage her most powerful insights based on your unique situation -- all in time for your next interview.