The Key to Landing Strategy Jobs

The Key to Landing Strategy Jobs

September 13, 2016 Interviewing

problem-swoterThe key is confidence however not just your own…read on.

As a job candidate, you are constantly being evaluated when it comes to how much or how little value you’ll potentially bring to an employer. For example, interviewers often wonder whether a job candidate can really figure out how to grow a company’s market share or whether she is ready to establish a company’s Chinese operations.

These are the types of doubts that you as an interviewer are responsible for proactively addressing during job interviews.

Interviewers need to feel confident about whether you are capable of solving their top-of-mind challenges.

Furthermore, what I have seen is that interviewers are even WILLING to pay job candidates who give them a strong sense of confidence more than others who did not go into interviews with this end goal – the end goal of making interviewers feel confident in their abilities to address relevant business challenges.

I’ve even seen situations where interviewers are WILLING to make other concessions for job candidates who make them feel confident – such as paying for relocations, offering equity, approving virtual job situations, providing bonuses, offering choices in the team they join, etc.

The challenge is being ready for each moment when interviewers are sizing up your potential value to an employer.

It’s hard because these moments are happening sooner in the recruitment process today then they had prior to the 2008 financial crisis.

Companies are warier.

Recruiters are getting more savvy.

This is why today most Fortune 500 companies are asking for job candidates to deliver homework before making any job offers – presentations, sample work products, you name it.

In comes the Problem SWOTer…

If you want to prove that you’d be a valuable addition to an employer and as a result that you deserve a salary that is above market value, then you’ll need to put in the elbow grease to give interviewers the confidence they’ll need to believe that you can solve their problems.

You’ll need to first figure out what their challenges are and then you’ll need to sweep them off their feet by showcasing how your blend of experiences makes you the perfect job candidate to solve precisely these challenges.

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Melissa Llarena: is the CEO and career coach behind Career Outcomes Matter. Her craft is coaching top executives on how to dissect and deliver the perfect job interview. Her client base includes US-based as well as international business leaders with 15-plus years of experience who are undeniably really good at what they do yet simply want a strategic partner who can quickly fully understand their tangible and intangible contributions to effectively scale up their interviewing skills for the toughest interviews. Click to gain instant access to her 20-page interview preparation kit to gain an edge then schedule a phone call to see how she’d leverage her most powerful insights based on your unique situation -- all in time for your next interview.