LinkedIn Challenge Starts Now!

LinkedIn Challenge Starts Now!

October 26, 2013 LinkedIn

LinkedIn Challenge Starts Now!Increase your LinkedIn IQ in 5 weeks for free. See results in only 1 week. Start by joining the Ultimate LinkedIn Challenge.

I am taking a break from my usual blog post structure and doing things differently during the next few days (FYI: this change in plan is really just for YOU (the world’s best subscribers) and it’s free).

Free never tasted so good!

You probably already know that I am a FIRM LinkedIn believer? Yes?

Well, even if this is new news to you…I want to challenge you during the next few weeks.

Welcome to the Ultimate LinkedIn Challenge.

The Bottom Line: After working with hundreds of extremely qualified professionals I have noticed a couple of discouraging things.

Here They Are:

  • Some of the most qualified professionals have the pithiest LinkedIn profiles, and as a result miss being part of a passive candidate pool.
  • Employed professionals fear being red flagged if they make LinkedIn updates, so they just don’t touch the tool.
  • Active job seekers are spending more time on job board sites rather than on LinkedIn, which is a much smarter time investment.
  • LinkedIn users are drawing the wrong attention for jobs that don’t pay well because they are not hypertargeting their profiles.
  • Groups are completely being underutilized i.e. folks are members in groups, yet they are not active in them nor doing anything in these high quality, ultra-high touch areas.

Why Am I Concerned?
Fortune 100 firms are cherry-picking candidates from LinkedIn every day, and excluding LinkedIn users who are “dark” and clearly anyone not on LinkedIn.
Going from inactivity to activity can be done secretly, however continually using LinkedIn is important, so it’s not weird when you start engaging.
If you want a job quickly you should work your network – LinkedIn pairs your network with jobs in precisely the companies in which your network works….so why shouldn’t this be your go-to tool?
Recruiters are wasting your time because you are leading them down the wrong path. For example, if you want to stop working on “lean management” then why is that your #1 endorsed skill?
The real value out of being part of LinkedIn groups is engaging and aiming to become a thought leader in 2-3 groups. Otherwise why join? Wallflowers don’t get any love in LinkedIn groups just like they got no love during those high school dances.

These are the findings that prompted the need for me to challenge you to get on LinkedIn more often and make your time on the tool more meaningful.

So, here we go.

As your LinkedIn Guide, my goal is for you to explore ways to get noticed and stand out against other profiles. I want LinkedIn to be your go-to tool on the job hunt, and to help you gain a better understanding of how powerful this tool can be for portraying your personal brand.

To get you started on this LinkedIn journey, I have attached the articles that I have written regarding on how to optimize anyone’s LinkedIn profile. You don’t need to read separate opinions and blog posts anymore – it’s all here for you in one place. Please download it and review it prior to working on your profile.

Now, off to the challenge…

New LinkedIn tips will be posted daily. PS: connect with me on LinkedIn:  if you wish to hire me to improve a specific section of your LinkedIn profile and make it truly STAND OUT!

Send me an email to melissa [at] or through LinkedIn and let me know how these tips have helped you! I want to ensure that you are getting value out of this challenge and the more you share the more I can help.

DOWNLOAD the 5 LinkedIn Blogs that will help you get started in this Ultimate LinkedIn Challenge.

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