LinkedIn Challenge TIP 4: Find the Keywords that Hiring Managers are Searching

LinkedIn Challenge TIP 4: Find the Keywords that Hiring Managers are Searching

November 6, 2013 LinkedIn

LinkedIn Challenge TIP 4 Find the Keywords that Hiring Managers are SearchingHow can you read the minds of hiring managers and use this knowledge to become more “findable” via LinkedIn? Let’s continue the ultimate LinkedIn challenge.

Since launching the Ultimate LinkedIn Challenge your support has been astounding!

Here are some of the remarkable results I have heard so far from a handful of participants. Side note: some of these folks are going above and beyond which really rocks:

  • A digital marketing expert updated his LinkedIn summary + headline following precisely my instructions and in only seven days of making these changes live got three job solicitations.
  • A recent MBA graduate overhauled her linked profile to include accomplishment-oriented bullets and multimedia elements. As a result, she was contacted by a “pharma” who would sponsor her visa.
  • A financial services pioneer in SE Asia also updated his headline as well as his experiences to include the critical keywords “distressed debt” and now he has catapulted his placement in LinkedIn search results based on those terms from being on the second page of a LinkedIn results page (where few recruiters seek) to the first page and is actually #5 in LinkedIn rankings.


Needless to say, I am so proud of you guys! Keep the feedback coming. It inspires me to help you FURTHER.

Okay, enough sappy pride.

Here is LinkedIn Challenge TIP 4 out of 5:

Last week, you focused on updating your MOST recent experience. This week, I would like you to focus on your SECOND most recent experience. Since you have already crafted your last position’s details according to my instructions, you should have an easier time with the next one.

The same rules apply as with your MOST recent experience which I emailed you last week

Incorporate the P.A.R.S. Method (Email me if you weren’t part of our LinkedIn Challenge last week and want that P.A.R.S. recipe)
Focus on speaking to how you brought in revenue or saved costs
Consider adding multimedia elements or drawing attention using supplemental materials to showcase how you are an interesting person

However, with your second most recent experience I want you to focus on this twist. I want you to really focus on the keywords that matter given your career aspirations.

Here’s how to identify the keywords that MATTER:

  • Research 10 jobs that are appealing via the usual suspects including TheLadders, Monster, Indeed, etc.
  • Print out those job descriptions
  • Highlight the 5-6 keywords that they share in common
  • Comb through your second most recent professional experience and brainstorm again on how you can infuse those 5-6 keywords into that prior role

Clearly, you can run the same exercise with each and every job that you’ve ever had but it is proven that you will elevate your findability on LinkedIn if you focus on housing keywords in these sections in particular:

  • Headline
  • Summary
  • Recent experience
  • Second experience

The key is to choose the keywords wisely and reuse them as often as possible.

Here is an example, and the keywords here are “distressed debt:”

Most recent experience: Acquired 15 distressed debt portfolios totaling OPB KRW 2.3 trillion, with invested amount accounting for more than KRW 1.8 trillion; provided mezzanine financing of over KRW 175 billion
Second most recent experience: Led team in KRW 2 trillion-plus acquisition of distressed debt portfolios and real estate funds.

Your Experience Section

< -Second most recent experience, just focus on updating this piece considering keywords.

Measure it: Note how many LinkedIn views you received most recently right before making any updates to your second most recent experience and see how often you had appeared in search results before making any updates. This is easy:

Go to “who’s viewed my profile” page
Look at the statistics on the right navigation bar

Test it: Update your second most recent experience by showcasing important keyword-rich bullet points from your resume.

Let’s review:
Update your LinkedIn second recent experience, so that it features the keywords that you found across those job descriptions that most appeal to you.

As I mentioned previously, DO NOT leave your experience section blank. You will be missing out on the possible connections that will be drawn to your profile.


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Okay, I will be posting one more tip after this one. Yes, only one more tip. Look for my tip and share your thoughts / progress with me directly via email: Melissa [at] or in the comments section below.


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