LinkedIn Challenge TIP 5: How to Take Back Control of Your Digital Reputation‏

LinkedIn Challenge TIP 5: How to Take Back Control of Your Digital Reputation‏

November 7, 2013 LinkedIn

LinkedIn Challenge TIP 5 How to Take Back Control of Your Digital Reputation‏How can you easily impact your “professional brand” via LinkedIn? Let’s continue the ultimate LinkedIn Challenge.

But first, here’s a brief recap of the LinkedIn Challenge for all the new readers: Your peers have participated in a free tutorial on how to optimize their LinkedIn profiles:


· They have taken their LinkedIn headlines from ordinary to compelling

· They have asked themselves key questions for inspiration to write outstanding summaries

· They have evaluated and rewritten their experiences using the proven P.A.R.S. Method

· They have amassed desirable keywords within their fields and peppered them in their profiles

· 152 of them have emailed me their results for a chance to win a 30-minute laser-focused LinkedIn coaching session

Now, it’s your turn to join us during the last leg of this LinkedIn optimization journey.

Here is LinkedIn Challenge TIP 5 out of 5: 

Let’s think strategically about your LinkedIn Skills & Expertise Section so that you can regain the reigns over your digital professional reputation.

First, what is your digital professional reputation?

Your digital professional reputation is how others perceive you after searching your name online. Aside from LinkedIn search results, any online search results can and will shape impressions of you.

Now, why does a digital professional reputation matter?

Great search results increase the odds of getting hired.

Poor search results reduce them.

So, how does this come into play via your LinkedIn Profile?

It is precisely within your Skills & Expertise Section that your connections are telling you what they perceive your reputation to be.

Here is how to influence their impression of your reputation via the Skills & Expertise Section:

1-Take a snapshot of your current Skills & Expertise Section

Here is mine:


2-List the skills that are currently in your Skills & Expertise Section
3-Prioritize how you wish they ranked
4-Brainstorm any other skills you wish made the list
5-Delete the skills that you no longer want to be known for
6-Pick (and ask via email) the best people to endorse you for the skills that didn’t make the list or that ranked lower than you had desired (yes, this is a manual process but what a great way to reengage your network)

The benefit to taking back control of how others perceive you via LinkedIn is that hiring managers are turning to LinkedIn’s Skills & Expertise Section as a shorthand for your reputation.

Several hiring managers have informed me of this and while they are not making or breaking hiring decisions based on this data, the Skills & Expertise Section has:

· Influenced interview questions
· Validated proficiency levels in certain skills
· Contradicted interview responses
· Raised red flags in terms of dedication to a certain field

As a result, it’s worth cleaning up this section proactively.

Measure it: Note how many LinkedIn views you received most recently right before making any updates to your Skills & Expertise Section and see how often you had appeared in search results before making any updates.This is easy:
  1. Go to “who’s viewed my profile” page
  2. Look at the statistics on the right navigation bar

Test it: Manage and accept endorsements that align with your career goals while considering your priority list.

Let’s review: Analyze your LinkedIn Skills & Expertise Section, delete skills that are irrelevant, and actively seek endorsements related to the skills that you want highlighted.

Side note: I could have ended this challenge with a myriad of other sections but I know that this area of focus gets overlooked way too often and as my LinkedIn scholars I want you to have an edge over the other 200 million LinkedIn users. I also wanted to give you an excuse to begin sharing your updated LinkedIn profiles with your network!

Well, that’s it folks.

Although this is the last tip, there is still time to share your thoughts / progress with me directly via email: Melissa [at] or in the comments section below.

Have a productive week everyone!



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