Why Marketers Are Good / Not So Good

Why Marketers Are Good / Not So Good

November 22, 2016 Interviewing

I’ve noticed 10 underlying assumptions (through my work with candidates looking at Google, AmEx, IBM i.e. data-driven companies) that interviewers make about marketing job candidates.

When you’ve spent a majority of your career in a marketing role, the good assumptions are:

• You are creative.

• You are an abstract thinker and ‘brainstorm’ well.

• You know how to grab someone’s attention.

• You know a thing or two about unique customers.

• You may have strong communication skills

Alternatively, the not so good assumptions are:

• You are not great at math.

• You are only an ideas guy/girl.

• You dislike the finance team.

• You have weak analytical skills.

• You rather do things your way.

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Ask them if they ever lost a job offer because they missed the opportunity to proactively address any of these assumptions.

Stay tuned, next week I’ll share the assumptions that supply chain professionals should proactively address throughout their job hunts.

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