The Road Less Uncertain Plan (A Kick-Starter Virtual Session with a Money Back Guarantee)

Is this you?

You want to live life on your own terms

You want flexibility

You want to reach your potential

Yet, you spend most of your day putting out fires which makes it really hard to find your focus and embark on a job hunt.


Keep reading, I can help you and this is how:

  • I can help you get clear on your goals if you don’t know what your best next step should be
  • I can ask you insightful questions to help you uncover your career wins in your resume so that you get interview calls
  • I can prepare for your next job interview so that you no longer have to worry about saying the wrong things
  • I can help you get over your procrastination by holding you accountable during your search

I can relate to you. I hate uncertainty too.

It bothered me when I didn’t know whether I’d make it after my first layoff, OR how things would turn out after I switched gears from law to business, OR how to deal with an unpredictable money stream when I quit my corporate job to start a virtual career practice. I get it. I know it’s hard to plan life when there are important decisions still up in the air.

I’ve witnessed and have felt the uncertainty that comes from starting a job hunt, meeting new people, and not knowing what the future holds for you.

My promise is that I can show you how to confidently sell yourself even as you face these unknowns.

The way that I can help you is by keeping your eye on the prize while we partner.

As your guide, I can teach you how to take the same strategies and techniques that my clients have used and make them your own so that you too can get out of middle management and into a top leadership spot in a top company anywhere around the world.

Does this sound like a good idea?

Want to get started?

In Comes The Road Less Uncertain Plan

STEP 1 -Schedule a 30 or 60 minute session
STEP 2- You’ll receive a questionnaire and I’ll ask you to send me your resume (no need for it to be perfect or updated)
STEP 3- Allow me to ideate a custom plan and share it with you during our session
STEP 4- Leave the session focused and feeling certain about your best next steps

Let’s knock down every challenge that you feel is getting in your way towards finding the best opportunity to achieve your end goal of finally living life on your own terms.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back when you schedule an online session with me. That is how certain I am that I can help you with your job search based on prior clients and the millions I’ve guided through my advice in Forbes, Financial Insights, Money Magazine, and more.