How to Land an Interview: Add Online Comments

How to Land an Interview: Add Online Comments

June 30, 2015 The Job Hunt


Chances are your prospective employer leverages the power of content marketing to draw in its audience. A plethora of companies have a blog on their website. Some write thought leadership papers and publish them online in niche forums or publications.

Scour the web for these articles.

Identify the ones where you can bring in your own ideas to amplify their central message then write something brilliant within these articles’ comment section.

Your goals are:

  1. To contribute to an idea that is coming from your prospective employer
  2. Make yourself known
  3. Start engaging with content that is within your area of expertise

The only way to gain an edge and land an interview is to strike a chord with a decision-maker and this is one way you can reach this goal.  At the same time, you can bring up this thought leadership engagement during the actual interview – how’s that for proof that you are passionate about your work and that employer?

PS: In the spirit of sharing easy to do items, I did not suggest that you write a full article. However, that’s a fantastic route too.

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