How to Land Interviews: Tweet a CEO

How to Land Interviews: Tweet a CEO

June 15, 2015 The Job Hunt

You can leverage the power of social media to grab the attention of a number of decision-makers who work for some of the most powerful organizations including:Apple, JetBlue, Medtronic, Charles Schwab, and the ilk. Actually, CEOs love Twitter specifically as a way to listen to customers. They gather insights that help them make better products, serve customers more efficiently, and listen to the market for clues on the next big opportunities. As a result of their own prioritization of Twitter, it absolutely behooves any job seeker to follow the senior leaders of their target organizations. The challenge is communicating with senior folks using 140 characters or fewer.

Here’s how you can start a conversation with any CEO via Twitter:

  • Add a thoughtful comment to something that they tweet and retweet it amongst your audience while referencing their handle.
  • Share feedback on a marquee product that can be used to improve its capabilities. You may have to add context here and link to a longer product recommendation on your blog.
  • Admire the CEO by pointing to a decision they made or retweeting one of their best quotes that truly inspires you.

The key here is to consistently – perhaps every other day – engage the CEO. You will not be acknowledged for every single tweet you put out there. However, if you try and retry different strategies then you will strike a chord and have unique cover letter content to share – a note about your conversation with the CEO of a company you admire.

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