5 Smartest Ways to Spend Your Work Bonus

5 Smartest Ways to Spend Your Work Bonus

March 7, 2013 Work-Life Balance

IMG_4122_21. Invest in yourself. Potential return on investment (ROI) (+50%) 

You can hire a career adviser. Similar to a financial adviser who helps you better plan your finances, a career adviser will revamp your career strategy, profiles (online and offline) and potentially increase your salary by 50%. If you’ve never worked with a coach then read these FAQs.  Email me for a free 15-minute consultation.

2. Invest in an MBA. Potential ROI (25-40%)

Some people frown on business school debt without realizing that the annual impact on your salary is constant. For example, an MBA from Harvard can keep giving at an average $3.6 million in total earnings during the 20 years post-graduation.

3. Invest in Microsoft. Potential ROI (+3.3%)

Buying shares at its low valuation of $28 will yield at minimum a 3.3% return based on their anticipated dividends. Say what you will about the Surface, but it’s the only tablet that enables a stable set of office apps.

4. Invest in a Getaway. Potential ROI (-10%)

A trip overseas will be an expense at day’s end but the rejuvenation and brain rejiggering that occurs when you step out of the office are invaluable. My colleagues who invest in stay-cations never get that off the grid feel as they are still close enough to drive home if trouble ensues. Plus, if you’re planning for a global assignment down the road, what better way to get introduced to your company’s overseas offices than visiting them, provided they are in a town you’d get away to.

5. Invest in a blog. Potential ROI (0%)

A blog can turn you into a digital thought leader. If your passion is in advertising, creating a blog on digital marketing will be your flytrap for future gigs if you can build a strong following.  Getting this ROI to go up takes creativity. Ask me how.

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