[DARE #10] Get Unstuck – Have fun

[DARE #10] Get Unstuck – Have fun

November 30, 2014 Work-Life Balance


About that pic above: That’s me and my family having fun! Nick is to my left. Noah is to my right. Then further right is my husband Jesus and my son Gabriel. Yes, we didn’t fit in that tiny photo booth so we had to divide and conquer.

On that note, I can’t believe we are now approaching the holidays! If you’ve been following this series of Sunday dares then now is just about the best time to try something new.

I created this series to help you get unstuck.

Some of the dares were meant to take you out of your comfort zone.


Others were ways to encourage you to take action.


This one is really easy.


Dare #10: Have fun


It’s easy for me to have fun during the holidays mostly because I have a three-year-old who is filled with playful ideas — from pretending to be Superman to carrying around our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree into e-v-e-r-y single room in our home. I also have the twins whose laughs are contagious!

So this week, I’m following my boys’ leads and I’d encourage you to do the same.

Here are some fun ideas that you can borrow and execute at work:

  • Initiate your team’s Secret Santa Grab Bag
  • Bake or buy gingerbread cookies in time for that end of the year team meeting
  • Bring your Elf on the Shelf to work
  • Overdecorate your colleague’s cubicle (if someone takes a day off or takes a sick day then that’s the perfect time to do this)
  • Write an over-the-top email to your team focused on their wins or how to winterize their homes (think silly, something to lighten up the mood)

I want to hear about how you decided to have more fun at work this week.

I really do.

Let me know what you decided to try this week.

PS: I executed on dare #8. I had a virtual coffee with a colleague and we are getting ready to co-write an article as a result. I’ll let you know where the final article lands.

PPS: As far as dare #9, you have helped raised $475 dollars so far! The deadline to accept my offer of coaching in exchange for your donations is Monday, December 1st, 2014 at midnight so there’s still time to participate in our effort to support kid entrepreneurs focused on a myriad of social causes.

Happy Sunday,



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