[DARE #11] Get Unstuck – Draft a Roadmap

[DARE #11] Get Unstuck – Draft a Roadmap

December 8, 2014 Work-Life Balance


Santa did it! I was having so much fun this past weekend that I forgot to send over this Sunday challenge.

Obviously, my three boys were also having fun. Can you see each one’s huge and joyous smile?

Okay, you’re a busy executive so let’s cut to the chase.


Dare #11: Draft a roadmap


If it’s good enough for multi-billion dollar firms then it’s good enough for ambitious individuals who want to make a dent in the universe.

The most profitable businesses in the world carve out planning periods.

The most accomplished business leaders evaluate their progress vs. previously anticipated goals.

As a result, the road towards an excellent 2015 must begin with a map.

So, take this week to think through your 2015 professional goals (not in January when you should already be in motion pushing towards achieving them but instead this week).

Here are five essentials considerations as you draft milestones, tactics, and your overall strategy:

  • What can you do now while everyone else is on holiday?
  • When will your contacts be available for those coffee meetings?
  • How do you intend to overcome the typical bottlenecks that are part of the natural course of a job search?
  • What milestones would you like to achieve en route towards achieving your end goal?
  • What constraints do you have and how do you intend to be successful despite them?

I encourage you to share with me your roadmaps. I’d be happy to help you tweak the stickiest bits.

Happy Sunday (ok, Monday),


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