[DARE #12] Get Unstuck – “Crazy stuff”

[DARE #12] Get Unstuck – “Crazy stuff”

December 14, 2014 Work-Life Balance

Last week was about thinking through what you want out of 2015 and creating a roadmap.


This week is about tweaking your plan in a meaningful way.


Here’s the background:

On Saturday, I ventured out to NYC to think through my business priorities.

It was easy to map out run-of-the-mill business activities and truthfully that’s where I started.

However, in an effort to push the envelope, I added a tenth priority within my own 2015 roadmap that I entitled: “Crazy stuff.”

Side note: My tenth priority in 2013 had been to get on TV and it played out because I dared myself to make it happen. That dare was my game changer.

Now, let me explain what I mean by “crazy stuff” further in terms of real goals.

On my end, I have a couple of options with how I’d like 2015 to play out. The year can be ordinary if that’s my standard or it can be extraordinary if I prefer.

Let’s think about these options in terms of YOUR 2015 aspirations.


This is what an ordinary year may look like for you.

  • You earn 100% of your bonus doing your job just like you did in 2014.
  • You have the opportunity to manage a bigger P&L.
  • You get to travel to Brazil or China on your employer’s dime.

All these accomplishments are impressive – absolutely!

However, what if you had an extraordinary 2015?

This is what that can look like.

  • You join your firm’s incubator arm and operate as it’s CEO who is in charge of the user experience of a nascent enterprise solution.
  • You buy a vineyard in California and start working on your first vintage of Pinot Noir and work through your fourth.
  • You turn a sweet, gooey, delicious truffle-like treat, a brigadeiro, into an ecommerce sensation and open up your first retail location in Soho within NYC.

Catch my drift?

DARE #12: Add some “crazy stuff” to your 2015 roadmap


FYI, those three mega accomplishments are real and No! achieving success is not an overnight process.

The CEO of that start-up earned his reputation having worked for his employer for years prior to earning that designation

The winemaker is studying winemaking at UC-Davis


The Brigadeiro team has years under their belts of perfecting their baking and marketing prowess

However, you have to start somewhere?

So why not begin in 2015?


Some of those dreamers were my clients, colleagues, or friends.


PS: This is me enjoying a a yummy brigadeiro.




Here’s to dreaming in 2015!









Obrigada (Thank you),


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