[DARE #7] Get Unstuck – Clean Up Your Online Brand Presence

[DARE #7] Get Unstuck – Clean Up Your Online Brand Presence

November 9, 2014 Work-Life Balance

dare7Last week I took the plunge and enrolled in a one-day course.

While the idea sounds simple, it takes a great deal of orchestration to pull off such a task when you have little children.

But I did it and truthfully it was fun.

I attended a course taught by Carolyn Herfurth, a business and sales coach, focused on creating a new coaching program.

My focus was on creating an interview preparation service that would help my most accomplished clients – the ones who used to be the interviewERS regain that sense of control – now as interviewEES during any interview.

Wait for the launch in 2015 because it’s going to be an amazing experience – intense, yes… but worth it.

Now, why did I challenge YOU to take a course last week?

While there are many job opportunities that call for qualifications that you may not currently have, the best way to push forward and secure those “reach” roles eventually IS BY DOING SOMETHING about acquiring those skills — now.

So, what’s on tap for this Sunday?

Every recruiter that I have ever worked with has told me that they google their candidates prior to sending them off to interviews.

I want you to be proactive.

Dare #7: Clean up your online presence 

  • Google your first and last name
  • Comb through the results
  • Edit your online presence

Consider this framework while editing various links:

  • Does the link align with the professional brand that I’d like to showcase?
  • Does the link increase my credibility – professionally?
  • Does the link demonstrate my skills and experiences favorably?

If you said NO to any of the questions above then make some edits.

Happy Sunday,




About the author

Melissa Llarena: is the CEO and career coach behind Career Outcomes Matter. Her craft is coaching top executives on how to dissect and deliver the perfect job interview. Her client base includes US-based as well as international business leaders with 15-plus years of experience who are undeniably really good at what they do yet simply want a strategic partner who can quickly fully understand their tangible and intangible contributions to effectively scale up their interviewing skills for the toughest interviews. Click to gain instant access to her 20-page interview preparation kit to gain an edge then schedule a phone call to see how she’d leverage her most powerful insights based on your unique situation -- all in time for your next interview.