Mission Possible: How to Thrive As a Working Mother of Young Children

Mission Possible: How to Thrive As a Working Mother of Young Children

July 24, 2014 Work-Life Balance

r-TWIN-MOMS-GIVE-BIRTH-large570The statistics for women are alarming and indicate that our measurement of success needs to change. As I continued reading [Thrive, by Arianna Huffington] while nursing my twins and watching my toddler, I thought about whether someone like me could find the time to actually thrive now, not just when my kids are in school full-time. I’m a working mother with my own career coaching business and three boys under the age of 4 at home. The idea of focusing on my well-being, let alone sitting down for more than 30 seconds, initially felt impossible. I wanted everything at home to be under control while also stopping at almost nothing to delight my clients with white glove service. However, I’ve learned this mindset is hurting, not helping, me.

The only way for me to thrive today — when my toddler feels the need to continuously test my limits — is to redefine how I view success. Generally we reflect and reconsider aspirations on the cusp of a big change such as a major move, death or birth. I have experienced all three in the last several months and have learned that life is fluid, and if you live it rigidly, you will drive yourself into the ground. The key to thriving with a toddler and twins is to prioritize how I want to measure success.

Here are four takeaways I’ve realized are crucial for thriving, especially for new moms who feel as though they have too much on their plates. It takes some maneuvering but it is possible to live a third metric life.

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