Boost Job Interview Confidence: Mock Interviews

My Signature Power Hour Interview Intensive

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You already made it past the phone conversation with human resources
  • You have a scheduled set of interviews with a hiring manager, perhaps direct reports, and with a few cross-functional players—all in one long day or over the course of a week
  • While you are in the initial stages of a longer interview process, right now your goal is to get beyond your next important meeting—it’s at the top of your mind
  • The opportunity you are going for ticks all your boxes: you’ll get to bring your relevant experiences and fill in some missing skills that you’ll need to land the right job down the line. However…
  • You are struggling with really accessing the times you’ve done certain things in the past, telling those stories in short sound bites and making them relevant to the job you want
  • You want to demonstrate how you can be successful in those other areas and build the confidence that you would need to go after a position like that
  • You feel like you were just in a professional car wreck: only 20% of the company was left and you have voices of self doubt playing in your head
  • You feel less prepared than in the past because you’ve been out of practice interviewing—you haven’t trained or rehearsed very much

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then I want to say that I’ve helped many people just like you.

  • Are you ready to develop applicable skill sets you can immediately and effectively put to use landing your next role?
  • Want to increase your sense of confidence before heading to your next interview so that you can land your dream job?
  • Could you use an edge over the competition?

If you are you in a time crunch, I offer this intensive interview prep within 3 dedicated hours over Skype.

If you do not have interviews yet, then consider these two options below:


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Alternatively, are you at a crossroads? Do you have a myriad of options in front of you, yet are unsure how to evaluate each one?

Have you reached your breaking point? Has your role shifted? Has your employer changed priorities or leaders? Are you not certain of your next step?

Are you unsure about what you want to do next? Do you feel pigeonholed in your current role and want to explore broader opportunities?

Is it getting harder to rationalize staying with your current employer?

Do you want a better career? I have the career assessment program for you.

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