Zero In On Your Next Career Move

An exclusive four-week program that will take you from not knowing what career path to pursue to knowing with whom you should speak, what you should say to generate interest and how to reposition your rich experiences so that you can precisely land your best role yet.

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The Career Assessment and Activation Program Designed for Elite Business Executives Who Are Ready to Switch Gears in 2017


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’ve led a successful career by someone else’s standards for a good portion of your life, and now you are ready to pivot into a role that better aligns with your own standards in 2017.
  • You are at a crossroads: you have a myriad of options in front of you because you’re educated, well-respected and accomplished, yet you are unsure how to evenhandedly evaluate each option.
  • You’ve reached your breaking point. Things changed in 2016: your role shifted and your employer changed priorities or leaders. Now you are uncertain of your next step, yet know you must make a move in 2017. You want a partner who has worked with senior executives who are in the positions that you know you too can fulfill in the near future: those in senior executive roles or the C-suite.
  • You feel pigeonholed in your current role and want to explore broader opportunities, ones that are outside of your current wheelhouse but that could catapult you into a seat at a table to which you currently have limited access.
  • You struggle with whether to stay or leave your current employer in 2017. You’ve built your reputation inside one company for several years, yet you see the writing on the wall and want to protect yourself from a potential downsizing in 2017.

If any of these sound like you, then I know exactly how to get you unstuck.

I’ve partnered with some of the most accomplished senior business executives who were in your exact situation, and they are now happier in their careers.

How did they get unstuck?

We partnered through my career assessment and activation program.

This is the only program in the market that takes you from not knowing what career path to pursue to knowing with whom you should speak, what you should say to generate interest, and how to reposition your rich experiences so that you can precisely land your best role yet. The new opportunity is the one that ticks the boxes you need to feel alive and as though you are doing what you are meant to be doing in 2017.

However, please take notice: I am only accepting ambitious clients to participate in my exclusive career assessment and activation program at this time. Because my database has thousands of extraordinarily ambitious executives, I have to limit applicants and choose who I think would benefit most from this white-glove service.

But how do I define “ambitious”?

  • You have a proven track record. Whatever you’ve set your mind to, you have done it with great success in your personal and/or professional life.
  • You believe that you have everything you need right now to pivot in your career during 2017. Alternatively, you are open to ideas on how to address any gaps from an experienced coach. You would much rather start now toward your goal than wait until the perfect day or week to launch your efforts.
  • You will do the work: you’ll complete assignments, you will commit to applying to jobs in 2017, and you are not just interested in talking about options—you are also a doer.
  • You see challenges and obstacles as opportunities to overcome rather than issues or impossibilities that will hold you back.

How the career assessment and activation program works

I will email you this assessment for you to do within two weeks upon receipt, and then we’ll Skype during a 45-minute session to deep dive into your three best career paths.

It is on this call that an accomplished executive like yourself, when armed with information, insights, and a well-informed coach, can confidently decide on the single option that will be in your best interest in 2017.

You tell me what you need to know to move forward and I will bring the employment data to you, as well as the insights that I’ve leveraged to support my most successful clients around the world who turned to me for career guidance.

I will bring the critical information you’ll need to make the decision during this session so that we can get you moving toward your career goals with confidence. Keep in mind, though, that this only works when you bring doers to the table. Are you a doer?

The benefits behind this stage are:

  • You will have your unlimited choices filtered down to three viable career paths you can pursue in 2017.
  • You will be able to articulate what working environment you thrive in.
  • You will have a great sense of what you want to pursue and what you no longer wish to do on a day-to-day basis.
  • You will have the mission-critical information that you need to make a decision and move forward toward your 2017 career goals. (FYI, this program is for doers who have found the courage to change their lives in 2017.)

At this point, you would have decided which single career path fits best with your interests. We will jump on a second 45-minute Skype session to evaluate the best jobs for you to pursue, as well as everything that needs to happen for you to successfully pivot into them in 2017.

The benefits behind this stage are:

  • You will have a framework to help you decipher which jobs you should pursue versus which ones you should avoid within your selected career category.
  • You will have a clear understanding of what employers are looking for in your skill set.
  • You will know your core strengths and areas of opportunity so that you can proactively address the most important skill gaps before applying for your dream roles.
  • You will know the names of recruiters and HR professionals who you can approach to learn more about current job openings. (Side note: Just this step alone will save you the headache of talking to the wrong people through a job hunt.)
  • You be well-informed and able to begin populating a top 10 employer target list to guide the rest of your 2017 efforts toward the pursuit of your career goal.
  • You’ll work through my proprietary Branding Filter exercises to identify your unique selling proposition versus your competitions’. This effort will help us dramatically focus on what needs to happen so that we can move toward step three.

It is between Step 2 and Step 3 that I will personally take your résumé and reframe it to attract interest from decision-makers who hold the keys to opportunities in your chosen career path for 2017.

The way we will partner during session 3 is by reviewing my efforts on updating your résumé so that it accurately reflects your experiences.

My emphasis will be around your summary section and most recent experiences up through the last five years so that your story makes sense with your new career path.

You won’t have to touch your résumé. Did you hear that? No touching. I will do that for you, and I’ll be happy to offer one revision following this Skype feedback session.

Beyond this commitment, anytime throughout our 90 days that begin upon the initial payment, I would be happy to provide you with email feedback regarding your LinkedIn profile, cover letter, portfolio, etc.—basically, any marketing materials so that you can begin to use them all immediately.

The benefits behind this stage are:

  • You will know what skills, relationships and experiences to highlight versus which ones to deprioritize within your marketing materials (résumé, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, portfolios, etc.).
  • You will have a list of keywords that you must incorporate into your marketing materials, as well as how to sell every single line of experiences on your résumé. I’ll mark up the final draft with the most powerful insights I’ve garnered through years of helping executives prepare for interviews.
  • You will have worked through my Branding Filter, during which time you will have an accurate sense of your competition so you will know how to stand in order to help you pivot in 2017.
  • You’ll have an updated and polished résumé for 2017, and you would not have had to go through the pain of updating it yourself.

If you think about it, we begin with unlimited possibilities. At this stage after session three, we’d already have narrowed down your focus to one career path with multiple job opportunities available for your taking.

You’ll be armed with insights regarding how to best approach applying for these jobs, your résumé will be refocused to help support this career pivot, and you’ll know with whom you should talk to make sure your applications do not fall in the cracks.

You’ll be able to start applying within three weeks to jobs that you may not have potentially ever considered before!

And then there’s more…

It is during our fourth 45-minute Skype session that you and I will work through your next three months. The average job hunt for a new path takes five months when fully dedicated to the efforts. You can email me anything during our 60 days together, during which we’ll set your efforts in motion. My goal is to give you a roadmap that will show you what to do during the next three months when we are no longer working together.

The benefits behind this step include:

  • You will know precisely what next steps to take to realize your career leap beyond our 60 days together of unlimited email access.
  • You will have your target companies outlined, along with key contacts you should reach out to.
  • You will have a job-search plan that walks you through how to further refine high-impact, self-marketing materials.

By the end of this program you will have:

  • Clarity on one of the most time-consuming aspects of your life (your career), and just in time for a highly productive 2017.
  • Access for a lifetime to four audio-recorded sessions focused on unlocking your career objectives and unlimited potential.
  • An executive summary laying out your three 2017 possible career shifts within and outside of your industry (some options may include independent consulting options, board memberships, and other nontraditional paths such as entrepreneurship ventures).
  • You will have had the chance to have all of your top career concerns reviewed by a proven career coach who has helped clients land senior executive roles in top companies around the world. Keep in mind that this will last for 60 days—the clock starts once you turn in the first payment installment..
  • A working list of the best 10 companies you should pursue within your field and that happen to need your skills, along with ideas on how to stand out by leveraging the power of your brand.
  • In-hand tailored lists of the top decision-makers and influencers in your 2017 career path and strategies for how to get on each and every single one of their radars.
  • Samples of real executives at your desired level who have worked in your field of interests so that you have a sense of the professional expectations in said fields.
  • An updated and polished résumé ready for immediate use. Additionally, you will have the chance to ask for specific feedback on your LinkedIn profile, cover letters and other collateral materials as many times as necessary during a 60-day period.
  • A three-month lock-and-load action plan with tactical steps to get you unstuck in your career.
  • The sense of confidence and conviction necessary to stop an already successful career in order to embark on a journey into new, unchartered territory. As an elite business executive, you are constantly fighting against powerful waves. I’ll help you avoid getting pulled back into what others think you should be doing.

Something that I want to make clear is that through this program we are BOTH “all in” during this 60-day timeframe. We are both committed to setting you on your best career path in 2017.

I will give you everything I’ve got. Here are some case studies to show you what I’ve got when I partner with elite business executives like yourself.

However, the only way for me to commit to this promise is to drastically limit my client load.


Important details:

The investment for this 2017 career assessment and activation program is $3,995.

The fee is payable in two 50% installments via PayPal, with the first payment due to secure your spot and the second payment due prior to session four.


Your next step is to email me at to schedule a one-on-one 15-minute conversation to see if this program is the right fit.

Terms and conditions: The four sessions must be used within a two-month timeframe. The founder of Career Outcomes Matter LLC, Melissa Llarena, stands by the services and products sold on this site. All sales are considered final and nonrefundable. If you do not feel like you are getting your investment’s worth of deliverables, feedback, level of service, or meaningful guidance, then you have every right to ask for more during our 60-day timeframe together. I work until you are satisfied with our results. Life is short and it’s moving fast. If we don’t get you on the path toward your dreams in 2017, then it may never happen. I promise I won’t stand for that. Will you?

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